Angeldust My AV System

My (Aging) AV System


Project Perspective Turntable

Project Perspective Turntable

After owning a succession of Project turntables including the Project Debut II & The Project 6.9 I have always been amazed by their performance.  Vinyl is still the best way to play music, it's just a shame that the vinyl itself is rarely looked after.  Pound for pound, if you compare a clean record to it's CD counterpart, the record will usually win in the performance stakes. 

The Project Perspective is a gorgeously crafted machine made with an acrylic base, an MDF frame mounted by a 3-point suspension system (with built in Spirit Level) & a vinyl sandwich platter.  When combined with a good cartridge (I use an Ortofon MC15 Super) & Phono Pre-amp it sounds fantastic & probably outclasses everything else in my system.

Musical Fidelity XLP Phono Pre-Amp

Musical Fidelity XLP Phono Pre-Amp

Anyone who considers vinyl to be one of their primary source components should look very seriously at purchasing a good Phono Pre-Amp.  The pre-amp built into your hifi amplifier will usually only be of pitiful standard & replacing it with something more serious will transform your expectations of your record player.

The Musical Fidelity XLP is a great piece of kit and has served me well over the years.

Arcam CD73T
Arcam CD73T CD Player

I've always had a thing for Arcam CD players and having owned Delta series player for many years until it's spin motor finally conked out, I replaced it with the CD73T. What can I say other than it looks and sounds great.
Tascam CDRW900SL CD Recorder

Tascam CD Recorder

After owning a succession of CD recorders I find it pretty dissappointing that most manufacturers have now abandoned the format. I settled on the Tascam unit as it is one of the few full size CD recorders still available & in production for the pro-audio market.  It has full text support, stereo digital & analogue recording levels & an auto sync function with adjustable sensitivity.  Being a pro-audio device it is also not limited to only 'music' CD-R's & will probably last a lot longer than most consumer models.

Panasonic DMRPWT420

Panasonic DMRPWT420 BluRay PVR

After a string of Pioner DVD/PVR combi's I eventually upgraded to a BluRay/HDD unit. This covers several bases for me functioning as a competent BluRay player & PVR, while also serving as a HD tuner & TV on demand source for my projector with Netflix, AmazonTV, iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD, DemandFive, YouTube etc.
Pioneer VSXAX2 Front

Pioneer VSXAX2 Rear

Pioneer VSXAX2 AV Receiver

The AV receiver is the heart of the system & if you have a lot of kit you're gonna need a big one.  The Pioneer has a full compliment of inputs & output with plenty of accomodation for all your kit.  The auto speaker calibration is fantastic & will re-calibrate your system to account for time alignment, frequency response, room resonance & reverb, multi-band phasing & of course output levels.  This makes a real noticable difference sharpening & focussing the soundfield.

Another great feature I use is the multi-zone capabilities, allowing speakers in the kitchen to play music while someone else in the lounge is watching a film.

This model is getting on a bit now and well overdue for a replacement but it still sounds great and with the addition of en external box to manage HD/4k HDMI it'll keep me going for a while. Besides, none of the new AV receivers on the market have adequate connections for a full hifi system making them incompatible with my setup

B&W P5 Speakers

B&W P5 Speakers

B&W have long been my favourite speaker manufacturer with an excellent balance in sound that suits all types of music.

The P series was my first real favourite when I moved into the industry & still stand up extremely well to today's speakers.  These retailed at 800 when released & when I compared them to B&W's current ranges I was startled to find that I would have to spend at least 1500 to improve on them with the B&W 700 Series.

B&W LCR60s3 Centre Speaker

B&W LCR60s3 Centre Speaker

It is an often forgotten fact that in your Home Cinema system the centre speaker is the most important component doing 90 percent of the work in any film.  The LCR60s3 does a fantastic job with a pair of large Kevlar Cones & a tweeter derived from their flagship Nautilus range.  It fits in beautifully with the B&W HiFi Speakers giving a seamless performance.

B&W DS6s2 Tripolar Surround Speakers

B&W DS6s2 Tripolar Surround Speakers

Tripolar speakers really are the Dogs Dangly's of surround sound & the B&W's are the best around.  They have a pair of full range drivers firing forwards and backwards in an out of phase Dipolar arrangement giving a truly enveloping atmosphere & one of the impeccable Kevlar cones firing directly at you with a punch unheard of in conventional Dipoles.

The only fault with Tripolar speakers is their cost.  Do you really expect to get what is essentially 3 surround speakers in one box for the same price as a standard speaker?

Rel Q200e Subwoofer

Rel Q200e Subwoofer

The Rel Q200e really is a deceptive little thing, at what amounts to little more than a 1 foot cube it packs a lot more punch & depth than you ever expected.  Yes it's true that a bigger sub will perform better and more naturally than it's smaller counterpart but as with most UK buyers I simply don't have the room.

Sony PS3

Sony Playstation 3 Games Console

Although non-gamers will sneer at the inclusion of a games console, the Playstation range has always made a fine addition to any AV system. Game production is reaching incredible levels with the PS3 also supporting BluRay, TV on demand, and streaming services.

Epson EHTW3200  LCD Projector

Epson EHTW3200 LCD Projector

This is probably the most significant product of my system giving me a 6 foot high definition picture for all my Audio-Visual needs.  No Home Cinema is complete without a picture of this scale & if you don't have one you should make this your most immediate priority.  I still recommend LCD over DLP at this price point as I have yet to see a budget DLP projector with a picture as clean & stable as those given by LCD projectors.


Nevo S70

Nevo Touchscreen Remote System

As anyone with a large AV system will know, making the thing easy to use is the biggest challenge.  After experimentation with many remote controls I settled on the Nevo system.  Although very expensive this is the most flexible system I have come across in the sub 1000 category & when setup right it can make any system operable by a complete novice.  The best way to do this is by using a context sensitive setup whereby the user tells the screen what they want to do (e.g. watch a video, listen to music etc) & the remote then reels off a series of commands to set all the equipment into the appropriate modes.

The only problem nowadays is these were designed to be programmed with Windows XP, I have kept an old mini laptop specifically to keep these lovely remotes in service.


Angeldust My AV System