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Machine Head - The More Things Change Machine Head - The More Things Change...
CD - Roadrunner / All Blacks BV - RR8860-5 - 1998
Madness - One Step Beyond
LP/CDR - Stiff Records - SEEZ17 - 1979

This is an awesome album that belongs in any collection.  Madness blend just the right amount of pop into their ska making it accessable without becoming throw away, & who can forget that intro.

One of my all time favourite albums 
Madness - My Girl
12" - Stiff Records / Warner Bros - Seez17 / BUY-IT 62 - 1979

More Madness from Madness
Madness - The Return Of The Las Palmas 7
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - BUY IT 108 - 1979

More Madness from Madness.  Apparently there was a Madness comic issued with each of these 12"'s but alas I haven't tracked one down yet.

Madness - Absolutely
LP/CDR - Stiff Records - SEEZ29 - 1980

Another great album
Madness - 7
LP/CDR - Stiff Records - SEEZ39 - 1981

Getting slightly more commercial here.
Madness - It Must Be Love
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - S-BUY 134 - 1981

& a little soft.
Madness - Shut Up
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - BUYIT126 - 1981

Really don't remember this.  Need to stick it on for a listen.
Madness - Cardiac Arrest (Extended Version)
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - BUY-IT 140 - 1981

A more modern & produced sound here as the guys are maturing.  Some dufus decided to wreck the sleeve by doing the crossword.
Madness - The Rise And Fall
LP/CDR - Stiff Records - SEEZ46 -1982 - Gatefold

The title of this LP says it all really.  Although this album spawned the only number 1 single of their career it lacks any of that Ska sound that they grew up with.  Still enjoyable but not the same.
Madness - Driving In My Car
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - SBUY153 - 1982

A pretty quirky track for this late in their career.
Madness - Our House
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - BUY IT 163 - 1982

There only number 1 single ever.  It is a great track but I think they deserved more that just the one.
Madness - Wings Of A Dove (Blue Train Mix)
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - BUY IT 181 - 1983

This is propper cheesy, really desn't sound like Madness & like most tracks from the early '80's has dated pretty badly
Madness - The Sun And The Rain
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - BUY IT 192 - 1983

Really don't remember this one?
Madness - Tomorrows (Just Another Day) (Warped 12" Version)
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - BUY IT 169 - 1983

More Madness from Madness
Madness - Keep Moving
LP - Stiff Records - 6-25639 -1984

Have only listened to this once.  It's OK but a little too polished.
Madness - Michael Caine (Extended Version)
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - BUY IT 196 - 1984

A surprisingly popular track for this late in their career
Madness - One Better Day
12" - Stiff Records / Nutty Sounds / Warner Bros - BUY IT 201 - 1984

Jeez I had trouble sourcing a thumbnail for this.  Seems they used a different cover on most of these.  Maybe this oddball is collectible?
Madness - Mad Not Mad
LP - Zarjazz / Virgin - JZZLP-1 -1995

Another one I haven't listened to much.  Need to get these onto CDR fr convenience
Madness OuiOuiSiSiJaJaDaDa
Madness - Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da
mp3 - 2012
Madonna - Madonna
LP - Sire - 92-3876-1 - 1983 - Original Sleeve Artwork / Later re-issued as 'The First Album'

I love this album, it has dated but made an impression on me at a young age.  I much prefer early Madonna to late Madonna.  She was much more of a woman back then.

One of my all time favourite albums 
Madonna - The First Album
LP - Sire / Warner - 92-3867-1 / WE361 / WX22 - 1983
CD - Sire / Warner - 7599-23867-2 - 1983

The same album as above, retitled & covered due to it's popularity

One of my all time favourite albums 
Madonna - Like a Virgin
LP - Sire / Warner - 925157-1-U - 1984
LP - Sire / Warner - WX20 / 925-181-1 - 1984

Another great album.  The same production as the first, a little more risky in content.
Madonna - True Blue
LP/CDR - Sire / Warner - 925-442-1 - 1986

A big change here, both in image & production.  Still a pretty good album.
Madonna - Like a Prayer
LP - Sire / Warner - 925844-1L - 1988
CDR - Sire / Warner - 925-844-2 - 1989

This is probably Madonna's most girlie album before she drastically modernised
Madonna - Erotica
MP3 - Maverick - 1993

An oddity that had much publicity due to it's elicit content
Madonna - The Early Years
MP3 - Castle - 1995

A truly dreadful compilation of demo's featuring Madonna on vocals in her pre-career years.  One for collectors only.

Madonna - You'll See
MP3 - Warner Bros - 1995

Don't remember much about this one
Madonna - Ray Of Light
CDR - 1998

Wow. A completely new direction & completely new Madonna.  More upbeat & perfectly at home in the dance clubs.  One thing Madonna is good at is changing with the times.  Musically this may not always be for the better, but commercially it has kept her at the top of the charts & earned her new fans in every generation.
Madonna - Music
MP3 - Maverick / Warner - 2000

More dancehall hits with a cleaner production than the last
Madonna - American Life
MP3 - Warner Bros - 2003

I kinda lost track here & haven't really listened much
Madonna - Confessions On A Dancefloor
MP3 - 2005

Another that I haven't given much lstening.  Really despise this retro leotard look.
California Dreamin
Mama And The Papas - California Dreamin
CD - Universal / MCA / BMG - MCSTD48058 - 1997 (1965) - Carling Premier Promotional Copy

A great psychedelic folk rock track from the '60s

Mandalay - Empathy
CD - V2 Music - VVR1001292 - 1998

An album that gets placed in the Trip Hop genre, not sure about that but it is a damn fine album with sublime female vocals recorded over electronic synth beats.  Apparently this album was once the cause of a scandal when someone had repackaged it & claimed it to be a new Portishead release.  I guess there are some similarties in the vocals & although this is an altogether different sound I think Portishead fans would do well to give it a go.
Mandalay - Instinct
CD - V2 Music - VVR1012398 - 2000

A second album that continues where the first left off.  There's nothing new but then it was pretty good to start with.
Marley, Bob & The Wailers - Natty Dread
CD - Tuff Gong / Island - TGLCD3 / 846-204-2 - 1974

A great album from legend of reggae Bob Marley
Marley, Bob & The Wailers - Exodus
CD - Tuff Gong / Island - TGLCD6 - 846-208-2 - 1977

Perhaps Bob's most well known outing.  Some great tracks although the production is a little sugary compared to other releases.
Marley, Bob & The Wailers - Uprising
CD - Tuff Gong / IslandTGLCD9 / 846-211-21980

Another great offering
Marley, Bob & The Wailers - Legend
MP3 - Polygram - 1984

Compilation of bob's greatest tracks.  This deserves a place in any music collection irrespective of it's genre.
Marley, Bob - The Best Of The Early Years
DVD-A - Silverline / Sanctury - 288053-9 - 2002

24bit 96khz 5.1 MLP & 24bit 48khz 5.1 Dolby Digital

A great high bandwidth reproduction of Bob's early material.  Not as enjoyable as the later material recorded with the wailers, but a good education in his songwriting ability & the origins of tracks that were later popularised in their wailers versions.
Marley, Bob - Bob Marley
CDx2 - Air Music - AMU001 - Undated

As with the above release this is Bob without the wailers.  Not as enjoyable as the later material recorded with the wailers, but a good education in his songwriting ability & the origins of tracks that were later popularised in their wailers versions.
Marylin Manson - Portrait of an American Family
CD - Interscope Records - IND92344 - 1994

I'm not a huge Marylin Manson fan but perhaps this is due to my anti-commercialist perspective as I do enjoy his music when I give it an outing.  Perhaps if he arrived while I was still a teenager he would have made a bigger impact on me.
Marylin Manson - Smells Like Children
MP3 - Divine Recordings - 1995

More Alt Rock
Marylin Manson - Antichrist Superstar
MP3 - Divine Recordings - 1996

More Alt Rock
Marylin Manson - Mechanical Animals
MP3 - Divine Recordings - 1998

More Alt Rock

Marylin Manson - Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)
MP3 - Interscope Records - 2000

More Alt Rock

Masada Virtually Real Masada - Virtually Real
CD - UBell Ltd. - UBELLCD1 - 1994 - Demo CD

A local Milton Keynes metal band
Massive Attack - Blue Lines
CD - Circa Records - WBRCD1 / 0777-7-86228-2-6 - 1991

An outstanding album that brought trip hop to the masses.  Bags of atmosphere generated by skillful re-interpetation & sampling of older music
overlaid with new vocal's & rap's. 

One of my all time favourite albums 
Massive Attack - Protection
CD - Circa Records - WBRCD2 / 7243-8-39883-2-7 - 1994

Another outstanding effort that while slower than the first, gradually embeds itself into your psychi.

One of my all time favourite albums 
Massive Attack - No Protection
CD - Circa Records - WBRCD3 / 7243-8-40290-2-9 - 1995 - Remix Album

An interesting re-interpretation of Protection with a more electronic bent.  Definitely worthy of a listen if you hae the original.
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
CD - Circa Records - WBRCD4 / 7243-8-45599-2-2 - 1998

A much more modern approach here, more Massive Attack & less sampled artists.  Famous mainly for the outstanding Teardrop single & video.
Massive Attack - 100th Window
CD - Virgin Records - CDV2967 / 7243-5-01239-2-0 - 2003

Now this is very different & leaves the Trip Hop genre entirely for a more relaxed textured electronic affair.  Production is incredible with clever phasing effects & make this an oustanding exerience on a decent hifi.  With sublime vocal contributions from Sinead O'Conner this is a very enjoyable album, electronic music at it's best.
Massive Attack - Heligoland
CD - Virgin Records - CDV3070-5099960946621 - 2010

I'm struggling a little with this one.  It doesn't seem to follow any of Massive Attacks previous styles, but then perhaps thats the whole point.  This is a new age of downtempo electronic rock which is the spritual successor to the trip hop of the 90's.  Much more barren & minimalist with slow lingering vocals.  I don't have much experience of this genre yet but I am intrigued.
Mastoden - The Hunter
Mastodon - The Hunter
CD - Roadrunner / Warner Music - RR7675-2 - 20
MC Tunes Vs. 808 State - The Only Rhyme That Bites
12" - ZTT Records - ZANG3T / 9031-71671-0 - 1990

Love this tune.   A great chart hit from my youth.
Peace Sells But Whos Buying
Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
CD - Capitol Records / EMI - 7-24359-86242-2 - 1986 (2004) - 4 Bonus Tracks

Fantastic thrash metal album
Rust In Peace
Megadeth - Rust In Peace
CD - Capitol Records / EMI - 7-24359-86192-0 - 1992 - Clear Vinyl in Poster Sleeve

Fantastic thrash metal album
Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction
12" - Capitol Records - 12CLS-662 / 7-2438-80122-8-7 - 1992 - Clear Vinyl in Poster Sleeve

A fantastic track that should be in every metal collection
Megadeth - Captiol Punishment
CDR - Capitol Records - 7243-5-25916-2-6 - 2000

Fantastic thrash metal album
Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction
CD - Capitol Records / EMI724359862026 - 2004 (1992) - ReIssue with Bonus Tracks

Fantastic thrash metal album
Memento Mori - Rhymes Of Lunacy
MP3 - Black Mark - 1993

This is the band Messiah Marcolin formed after the spit of Candlemass, more doom metal with operatic vocals.  Respectable effort but doesn;t reach the heights of peak Candlemass material.
Metal Duck - Quack Em All
Metal Duck - Quack Em All
Lawnmower Deth - Mower Liberation Front

LP - RKT Records - CMO192 - 1988 - Back To Back Albums

An Odd LP shared by Comedy Metal acts Metal Duck & Lawmower Deth.  One side each.  Metal Duck has a much more Punk Influence while Lawnmower Deth is more Thrash.
Metallica - Kill 'em All
CDR - Vertigo / Phonogram - 838-142-2 - 1983

A blistering debut album that was a showcase both for Metallica & the bay area thrash movement as a whole.  While the production isn't that amazing it is very clean & punchy for the time, something which most thrash bands were missing.  This album shows off some great musical arrangements played with both speed & technical ability, & dash of humour thrown in for good measure.
Metallica - Kill 'em All
LP - Music For Nations - MFN7P - 1983 - Picture Disc
Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire
CD - Musichien - MUS10 - 1983 -

A Bootleg Compilation of Early Demo's essential for any metallica completest
Metallica - Jump in the fire
Cut 12" - Music For Nations - PKUT105 - 1983 - Cut Out Picture Disc

A great example of a collectable piece of vinyl.  Great music with classic artwork printed onto a record in the shape of a demon!
Metallica - Garage Complete
CD - 1983 - Bootleg - Red Velvet Case

This bootleg release is a compilation of Metallica's pre-contract demo tapes essential for any Metallica completest. It includes recordings with early guitarist Lloyd Grant & Bassist Ron McGovney.  Including the 'Hit the Lights' & 'No Life Till Leather' demo's with early versions of almost all the tracks later recorded for the 'Kill 'em All' album, followed by some demos recorded with bassist Cliff Burton that were later re-recorded for the 'Ride The Lightning' album. Most recordings also feature Dave Mustaine on lead guitar which explains why some of the titles & most of the solo's were later changed in the studio versions. 'Mechanix' had a change of title & lyrics to become 'The Four Horsemen', while instrumental 'When Hell Freezes Over' was retitled 'The Call Of Ktulu' as a nod towards the writings of HP Lovecraft.  Dave Mustaine later released his own versions of both tracks with his new band Megadeth.
Metallica Metal Up Your Ass
Metallica - Metal Up Your Ass
LP - 1984 - Music For Nations - MFN-7-1 / MUA-666 - Blue Vinyl

This is basially an early version of Kill Em All with the tracks as recorded by James, Lars, Dave Mustaine & Ron McGovney.  It's quite an enjoyable listen for the die hard Metallica fan.

Metallica - Ride The Lightning
CDR - Vertigo / Phonogram - 838-140-2 - 1984

One of my all time favourite albums 

A great 2nd album that combined the speed & technica ability with a more mature approach.  Lyrics are loosley themed around different ways to die written a serious & thoughtful manner.  This was the first album to feature an accomplished instrumental & heavy criticism was made due to the slow build up of 'Fade To Black' a track which whe viewed as a whole with the switch to a heavy sound midway through is nothing short of a masterpiece.  All in all a tremendously accomplished album.
Metallica - Ride The Lightning
LP - Music For Nations - MFN27P - 1984 - Picture Disc
Metallica - Fucking Nuts
LPx2 / CDR - PNS International - MT48B - 1984 - Bootleg

Live recording at Zwolle '84 from the Kill 'em All for One tour.  A rare opportunity to hear early live Metallica with many tracks never performed live since.  It's a real sin that no official live recordings were made until the Justice tour.
Metallica - Creeping Death
12" - Music For Nations - P12KUT112 - 1984 - Picture Disc
Metallica - Master Of Puppets
CDR - Vertigo / Phonogram - 838-141-2 - 1986

One of my all time favourite albums 

This is probably the most accomplished album in Metallica's career & sadly the last to feature Cliff Burton on Bass before his life was cut short during the followin tour.  The composition of the songs is astounding for a thrash band of this time with the title track & instrumental Orion both showing great musical accomplishment.  Lyrics on this album are loosely based around war with thoughtful observation of the cost of human lives & sanity.
Metallica - Master Of Puppets
LP - Music For Nations - MFN60P - 1986 - Picture Disc
Metallica - The $5.98 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited
LP - Elektra - 9-60757-1 - 1987 - 6 Tracks / 33rpm / Spined Cover - US import

A fantastic low rent compilation of covers enjoyable for it raw & relaxed attitude.  This US edition has an extra track missing from the European edition & is presented on a 33rpm disc to acommodate the longer running time.  The cover is also spined giving it a more pleasing feel
Metallica - The $5.98 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited
LP - Vertigo - METAL112 / 888-829-1 - 1987 - 5 tracks / 45rpm / Spineless Cover

A fantastic low rent compilation of covers enjoyable for it raw & relaxed attitude. This European edition is presented on a 45rpm disc with one track fewer than the US release to fit the shorter running time.
Metallica - �And Justice For All
CDR - Vertigo / Phonogram - 836-062-2 - 1988

A greatly underrated album due to the controversy of the studio mixing.  Newcomer Jason Newstead is almost inaudible on bass leading to accusations of poor treatment following the loss of his predecessor Cliff Burton.  The drums are also very high in the mix, but with such great drumming this isn't too much of an issue.  This was the first album to release a music video with standout track One cut down to a more TV friendly length with movie samples overlaid to emphasize the lyrical content.  In a nod to the loss of their former bassist the instrumental track contains a short spoken passage written by Cliff.
Metallica - �And Justice For All
LP  - Vertigo - PLP836062-2 - 1988 - Picture Disc - US Import
Metallica - One 10" Picture Disc
Metallica - One
10" - Vertigo / Phonogram - METPD510 - 1989 - 10" Picture Disc
Metallica - Creeping Death / Jump in the Fire
EP - Vertigo - 842-219-1 - 1990

A back to back EP of the Creeping Death & Jump in the Fire single releases
Metallica - Metallica
CDR - Vertigo / Phonogram - 510-022-2 - 1991

For some, the beginning of the end, as Metallica transform into a commercial beast breaking all the principles the band were formed on.  The tracks are much simpler & far less elaborate than previous output & really do not qualify for the thrash genre which Metallica wre famous for.  On the other hand it is by no means a bad album & was phenomenally successful earning them a huge new following & a grammy to boot. 
Metallica - Metallica
LP - Vertigo / Phonogram - 510-022-3 - 1991 - Picture disc - Cut out Radioactive cover,
mispressed with live Pink Floyd recording
Metallica - James Hetfield: The Naked Truth
CD - CHQ2CD - 1992 - Lars Ulrich Inerview - Naked Pic Cover

An interesting Lars Ulrich interview from the mid eighties with a odd but collectable cover. Followed by an even more interesting Dave Mustaine interview via his landlady's telephone regariding his departure from Metallica & his new band Megadeth.
Metallica - Wherever I may Roam
12" - Vertigo - METAL912 / 866-695-1 - 1992 - Gatefold

Single release from the Metallica album
Metallica - Live at Woodstock '94
CDR -1994 - Bootleg
Metallica - Load
CD - Polygram / Vertigo - 532-618-2 - 1996

Although the Metallica album deviated from the Metallica sound it was still a great album.  This on the other hand is a bit of a pile.  This really was the point where many traditional Metallica fans gave up.
Metallica - Garage Inc.
CDRx2 - Vertigo / Phonogram - 538351-2 - 1998

A 2 disc presentation.  One disc being a re-release of the $5.98 Garage days EP & the second being a  compilation of new cover recordings, mostly Motorhead tracks.  Like the first Garage days EP this is a very enjoyable listen due to it's more relaxed approach.
Metallica A Rare Interview Metallica - A Rare Interview with Metallica
7"x4 - BAKTABAK - BAKPAK10152000 - 4x7" Picture Discs

Another release containing the mid eighties Lars Ulriich interview.  A great presentation of 4x 7" picture discs in a display wallet
Metallica - Stand Up & Shout
CD - 1980's - Glitter CD - Interview recording

Yet another pressing of the same Lars Ulrich interview on a gitter CD
Metallica - Live at the MK National Bowl
CDRx2 - 1994 - Bootleg

I was at this gig!  Yay.
Metallica - Liva at Birmingham NEC
CDRx2 - 1990's
Metallica - Live at Mexico City
CDRx3 - 1990's
Metallica - Death Magnetic
CDR - Universal - 00602517737266 - 2008

Now this is interesting.  Not a return to form but still much heavier & more enjoyable than the last few albums.
Mike And Rich Expert Knob Twiddlers
Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers
MP3 - Rephlex Records - 1996

A cheesy but fun synth album from Richard D James (aka Aphex Twin) & Mike Paradinas (aka μ-Ziq)
Miles, Robert - Children
MP3 - Arista - 1996

Pretty naff dance music effort but no-one can forget the success of the title track.  It's a shame that every other track on the album sound the same.
Miles, Robert - One & One
MP3 - Deconstruction - 1996

Don't remember this at all.  Probably no different from the above.

Minogue, Kylie - Fever
MP3 - Parlaphone - 2001

A pretty accomplished pop album considering Kylies roots.
Moby - Play
CD - Mute Records - CDSTUMMIT2 - 1999

A fantastic album let down by the fact he sold every record to marketing companies resulting in a deluge of TV adverts that were played to death.
Moby 18
Moby - 18
CD - Mute Records - CDSTUMM202 / LC5834 - 2002
Moby - Hotel
Moby - Hotel
CD - Mute Records - CDSTUMM240 - 2005

Meh.  More generic & less electronic.  Can take it or leave it really.
Moloko - Statues
MP3 - 2002

Odd quirky pop
Morcheeba - Who Can You Trust?
CD - Indomina - ZEN009CD - 1996

A very mellow almost Trip Hop album with a couple of killer tracks
Morissette, Alanis - Jagged Little Pill
CD - Maverick - 9362-45901-2 - 1995

A phenomenally popular angsty pop-rock album that spawned a host of great singles.  It's difficult to listen to nowadays due to the constant exposure it had at the time but it is still a great album
Jagged Little Pill Live Morissette, Alanis - Jagged Little Pill, Live
CD - Maverick - PRCD761 - 1997 - Promotional CD

A rare promotional CD that was incuded as a freebie with the VHS release
Morrissey - Suedehead, The Best Of
CD - EMI - 7243-8-59665-2-1 /  CDEMC-3771 - 1997

Not as catchy as the Smith due to the lack of Johnny Marr but still a very enjoyable listen for fans of Morrisseys vocals & songwriting
Morrissey - Vauxhall And I
CD - Parlophone / EMICDPCSD148 / 7243-8-27797-2-8 - 1994

Not as catchy as the Smith due to the lack of Johnny Marr but still a very enjoyable listen for fans of Morrisseys vocals & songwriting
Morrissey - You Are The Quarry
CD - Attack Records / Sanctury Records - ATKCD021 - 2004

Not as catchy as the Smith due to the lack of Johnny Marr but still a very enjoyable listen for fans of Morrisseys vocals & songwriting
Morrissey - Ringleader Of The Tormentors
CD - Attack Records / Sanctury Records - ATKCD016 - 2006

Not as catchy as the Smith due to the lack of Johnny Marr but still a very enjoyable listen for fans of Morrisseys vocals & songwriting
Motorhead - Over the Top
7" - Bronze Records - BROP124 - 1981 - Picture Disc

Pure Motorhead, great track, great looking disc.
Motorhead - No Remorse
CDR - Earmark - 1984

Great no nonsence Hard Rock that influnced a whole generation of metal bands.  Frontman Lemmy is a true ledgend
Motorhead - Anthology
CDR - Castle - 1985

A very enjoyabe compilation due to it's inclusion of earlier more blues influenced Motorohead tracks. Some reare mellow Motorhead moments amongst the regular harder material.
Motorhead - The Best & The Rest Of, Live
CD - Action Replay - CDAR1014 - 1990 - Bootleg

A very poor quality release with a few of the lesser played tracks
Motorhead - 1916
CDR - WTG - 1991

Slightly more pollished than earlier output but just as enjoyable
Motorhead - March or Die
CDR - WTG - 1992

Slightly more pollished than earlier output but just as enjoyable
Motorhead - The Best Of
MP3 - Roadrunner - 1993

A compolation of Motorheads lengthy career
Moyet, Alison - ALF'
LP - CBS26229 - 1984

A great album by a great vocalist
Moyet, Alison - Rain Dancing
LP - CBS - 450152-1 - 1987

A great album by a great vocalist
Moyet, Alison - Hoodoo
LP - Columbia / Sony - 468272-1 - 1991

A great album by a great vocalist
Moyet, Alison - Singles
CD - Columbia / Sony - 480-663-2 - 1995

An enjoyable compilation of single releases.
The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny
Mr Bungle - The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny
MP3 - 1986 - Early Demo Tape

This where it all began, not quite Mr Bungle as we know it. A much heavier Heavy Metal sound with that classic amateur demo tape feel to it.
Bowel Of Chiley
Mr Bungle - Bowel Of Chiley
MP3 - 1986 - Early Demo Tape

You can really hear the jazz influence in this tape as Mr Bungle are finding their early sound. Includes an early version of Carousel which would later appear on the self titles debut album.
Goddammit I Love America
Mr Bungle - Goddammit I Love America
MP3 - 1988 - Early Demo Tape

We're really starting to hear true Bungle here, with an early version of Egg & another early edition of Carousel, quite enjoyable as demo tapes go.
Mr Bungle - OU818
MP3 - 1989 - Early Demo Tape

This is pretty much a demo version of the self titled Mr Bungle Debut album with 6 tracks that were all carried over into the studio version
Mr Bungle - Mr Bungle
CD - Warner / London - 828267-2 - 1991

One of my all time favourite albums 

Where do I start?  The original Mike Patton band formed prior to his joining of Faith No More.  Far less commercial & much more experimental, I get the feeling this is where Mike's heart really lay.  It has an undeniably strong Metal basis but integrates such a wide array of other genres that it really is hard to categorize.  Where else are you going to hear a metal band that has it's own brass & clarinet section?
Mr Bungle - Disco Volante
CD - Slash / London - 828692-2 - 1995

Due to the huge success of Faith No More the Bungle releases are widely spaced apart.  This means they also are very different.  Disco Volante is the most unforgiving of the three & starts with a track almost designed to make you switch it off & throw it in the bin.  The metal roots are largely dispensed with here in favour of a true experimental approach.  With a lack of recognisable tempo's you would be forgiven to class this as an album of noises, but stick with it & will become addictive.
Mr Bungle - California
CD - Slash / London - 3984-29829-2 - 1999

One of my all time favourite albums 

Now this is a surpise.  Many of the tracks here could almost pass as conventional.  But with the continued use of widely ranging genres sandwiched together into short experimental bursts this is still a Bungle album.  Whats more surprising is when you witness the almost perfect live performances of something that by rights should be unplayabe.  Few bands can pull off this kind of thing & make it so enjoyable to listen too.
Muppets, The - Muppet Show
MP3 - Arista - 1978

Classic.  Shouldn't really need any introduction.  These muppet albums have become very collectable over the years.
Muse Absolution
Muse - Absolution
CD - Taste/A&E Records - 5050466858726 - 2003

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