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Well I finally did it !!  My entire music collection on my website.

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J.A.M.S. The - 1987, What The Fucks Going On
LP/CDR - KLF Communications - JAMS LP1 - 1987 - Withdrawn from Release

A highly collectable album that fetches steep prices online due to being withdrawn from release following several lawsuits.  It isn't that great & is best described as an immature mashup/pisstake of popular music with bursts of poor scottish rap.  It is fun as a 'name that sample' listen though & the 80's Top Of The Pops chart countdown interlude is pretty entertaining.  Photography of these albums being burned in a bonfire is shown on the rear cover of the 'Who Killed The JAMS' release.
J.A.M.S. The - Downtown
12" - KLF Communications - JAMS27T - 1987 - Withdrawn from Release

Entertaining track with heavy sample use of Downtown.
J.A.M.S. The - Whitney Joins the J.A.M.S.
12" - KLF Communications - No Cat. Number - 1987 - Single Sided Pressing - Withdrawn from Release

Entertaining track with heavy sample use of Whitney Houston.
J.A.M.S. The - Who Killed The J.A.M.S.
LP/CDR - KLF Communications - JAMSLP2 - 1987 - Includes Marketing Sheet - Out Of Circulation

Rear cover shows the burning stocks of JAMS LP1: '1987, what the fucks going on'
J.A.M.S. The - Its Grim Up North
LP - KLF Communications - JAMS028R - 1991 - Out Of Circulation

One of the better known releases, this was recorded after the metamorphisis & launch of the KLF & is has a far more modern dance sound to it.
J.A.M.S. The***k the Millenium 2K
LP - Blast First / Mute Records - BFFP1467B - 1997 - Out Of Circulation

A strange compilation of JAMMS oddities released for charity.
J.A.M.S. The - Twelve Inches Of The J.A.M.S.
CDR - 1987-1988 - Self Compiled
Jackson, Janet - Control
LP - A&M - AMA5106 - 1986

Haven't really listened to this much but Janet undoubtedly has some of her brothers talent in making music.
Jackson, Janet - Control, The Remixes
LP - Breakout / A&M - MIXLP1 - 1987

A more upbeat remix of the control album
Jackson, Janet - Lets Wait A While
12" - Breakout / A&M - USAT601 - 1987

A little soppy, one for the girls
Jackson, Janet - Miss You Much
12" - A&M - SP-12315 - 1989 - US Import
Jackson, Janet - Rhythm Nation
12" - Breakout / A&M - USAT673 - 1989

A fantastic upbeat single that showcased some great choreography on the video.
Jackson, Michael - Off The Wall
LP - EPIC - EPC83468 - 1979 - Gatefold

A little cheesy but a fine album of 70's disco that helped move Michael away from his original Jackson 5 image,
Jackson, Michael - Thriller
LP - CBS - 85930 - 1982 - Gatefold
MP3 - Sony 2001 - Bonus Tracks & Interviews

One of the biggest selling albums of all time that spawned some hugely popular singles & was helped enormously by the legendary Thriller video.  Listening to it now, it has aged & is a little naff in places but will forever be considered one of the best pop albums of all time.
Jacobs Optical Stairway - Jacobs Optical Stairway
CD - R&S Records - RS-95079-CD - 1995

This is an oddity that I purchased purely on the strength of the cover & was not disappointed.  I'm not sure how to describe it, kind of an ambient jungle instrumental? either way it is a great listen.  After some research I discovered it to be a psudonym of early 90's dance act 4Hero despite sounding nothing like their earlier of later material.
Jam, The - Snap
LPx2 - Polydor - SNAP1 - 1983 - Gatefold

A great compilation of legendary mod rockers The Jam
Jam, The - The Very Best of The Jam
CDR - Polydor - 537-423-2 - 1997

Another great compilation that only weakens towards the end with the last few saturated singles.
Jambience - Live
CDR - Jambience - 2000 - Demo Album

I guess I would call this either world music or acoustic ambience.  Featuring didgeridoos, various traditional drums, guitars & some sublime wind instruments.  An enjoyable & different listen.
Jamiroquai - A Funk Odyssey
CDR - 2001

An enjoyable blend of 70's funk & modern pop.
Jamoriquai - Emergency On Planet Earth
CD - Sony Music - 474069-2 - 1993

Probably the most successful & popular release from Jamiroquai.
Jarre, Jean Michel - Oxygene
LP - Disques Motors / Polydor - 2310-555 - 1977

Jean Michelle Jarre may sound horrendously cheesy now but in it's time it was grounbreaking music at the dawn of the Synth age.  This is still a great album & enjoyable to listen to today.
Jarre, Jean Michel - Equinoxe
LP - Dreyfuss / Polydor - POLD500-7 / 2302-084 - 1978

Another fantastic synth album, probably the widest recognised of his work
Jarre, Jean Michel - Magnetic Fields
LP - Dreyfuss / Polydor - POLD5159 / 2311-075 - 1981

Not quite as popular as the precedeing albums but has a charm of it's own with some lovely ambient passages.
Jarre, Jean Michel - Rendezvous
LP - Dreyfuss / Polydor - 829-125-1 - 1986 - Import

By now synthesisers had been put to heavy use in pop music & Jarre's work seems pretty old hat in comparison.  Interestingly the Saxophone passage on this album was originally to be recorded in space by astronaut Jon McNair who unfortunately perished along with his saxophone in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in Jan '86.
Jarre, Jean Michel - Revolutions
LP - Polydor - POLH-45 - 1988

More classic synth work from the French maestro.
Jarre, Jean Michel - Aero
MP3 - Warner Bros - 2004

A live & updated compilation of the best of Jean's work.  Production here is top notch.
Jedi Mind Tricks - Violent By Design

Hip Hop music with some great loops

Jedi Mind Tricks - The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human

Hip Hop music with some great loops

Judas Priest - Living After Midnight
CD - Columbia / Sony / BMG - 8-86972-86602-42008 - Custom Cardboard Sleeve

After many years of ignoring Judas Priest I thought it was about time I investigated.  They were an enourmous influence on heavy metal practically inventing the sound that prevailed thtough the 1980's.  There is some great stuff on here even if it is a little dated & you can instantly hear that if there was no Priest there would have been no Iron Maiden.  Some of the later tracks are admirable with 'Painkiller' showing that Priest could be just as heavy as their modern counterparts.  Priest were also responsible for the leather & studs look that still prevails today.
Judge Jules - Clubbed Vol.2
MP3 - Universal - 2001

Hmmm...  Really haven't listened to this.  Not really a club fan.

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