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Faith No More - We Care A Lot
LP - Mordham Records - MDR1 - 1985 - Out Of Print

Some early Faith No More here.  Enjoyable if slightly underdeveloped.  Worth owning if only for the pictures of the very young band members on the sleeve.  Contains early versions of We Care A Lot & As The Worm Turns, both of which became celebrated tracks later in their career
Faith No More - Introduce Yourself
CDR - Slash / London Records - 828-051-2 - 1987

Another enjoyable album, still slightly underdeveloped & held back somewhat by Chuck Mosely's poor vocals.  We Care A Lot was re-recorded for this album became a huge hit upon release.
Faith No More - The Real Thing
CD - Slash / London Records - 828-154-2 - 1989

With a change of vocalist to the far superior Mike Patton, Faith No More really hit the big time.  This is a fantastic album only let down by a compromised track order.  The decision to place the three manufactured singles all together at the start of the album followed after by the true Faith No More material leaves this sounding very disjointed.  Don't get me wrong, I love the singles as much as the following album but could they not have been interspersed amongst the other tracks?

One of my all time favourite albums 
Faith No More - Live At The Brixton Academy
CD - Slash / London Records - 828-238-2 - 1990

This is a really disapponiting release.  Mike Patton is a fantastic vocalist but wrecks this whole era with truly dreadfull life performances.  His oubursts of childish noises & disrespect of both his own & covered material blights what could of been a great album.  To make matters worse the lack of live releases from the following Angeldust era leave this the only live material available from the golden age of Faith No More.
Faith No More - Angeldust
CD - Slash / London Records - 828-401-2 - 1992

Angeldust marks the maturity of the 'Real Thing' crew before they moved on to the 'King For A Day' line up.  It retains the same angst that 'The Real Thing' had but with more involving & complex musicianship.  What makes this album truly great however is Mike Patten's Vocal performance stretching to admirable extremes through the different tracks.  Unfortunately this performance has never been repeated on the later heavier albums & is greatly missed.  The album starts very abruptly with 'Land Of Sunshine' & then flows into 'Caffeine' where the energy levels truly race for the first time.  it is difficult to pick standout tracks from what is such a great album but most casual fans will remember such greats as 'Midlife Crisis', 'Everything's Ruined' & 'Kindergarten'.  The album then cools off with classic covers of 'Midnight Cowboy' & 'Easy'

One of my all time favourite albums 
Faith No More - King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime
CD - Slash / London Records - 828-561-2 - 1995

The whole premise of the new Faith No More line up sounded great in principle.  With a new & more talented guitarist this is an altogether heavier album, but in reality a lot of what made Faith No More unique had now gone.  This is still a great album but no longer sticks it's head above it's contempories.
Faith No More - Ashes to Ashes 2
CD - London Records - 850-985-2 - 1997

A single release from the above album
Faith No More - Who Cares A Lot?
CDx2 - Slash / London Records - 556-057-2 - 1998 - Ltd 2 Disc Set with Demo's

A compilation of Faith No Mores standout tracks, ignoring only the first withdrawn album.  This limited 2 disc edition comes with some early demo recordings from the Chuck Mosely era perhaps to make up for this ommission.
Faith No More - We Care A lot / I Started A Joke
CD - Slash / London Records - 570347-2 - 1998 - Australian Import

An Australian re-release combo.
Faith No More - Album of the Year
CDR - Slash / London Records - 828-901-2 - 1999 - Ltd 2 Disc Set with Remix Album

More modern era Faith No More with perhaps a little more swing than the previous outing.  This limited 2 disc release comes with a whole album of dance remixes that on the whole are a pretty good listen.
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus
12" - Gig Records - AMYE278 - 1985

An obscure single that made it into my collection due to being one of the few records I owned when very young.
Faltermeyer, Harold - Axel F.
12" - MCA - MCAT949 - 1984 - Picture Sleeve

A fairly classic tune that made it big due to the phenominally successful Beverly Hills Cop movie.
Faltermeyer, Harold - Axel F. London Mix
12" - MCA - MCAT949 - 1984 - Yellow Sleeve

A slighty different mix, though you'd be hard pushed to notice
Fantomas - The Directors Cut
CD - IPECAC Recordings - 89230-001722001 - US Import
Mike Patton & Dave Lombardo / No Index number (no.listed is barcode)

Mike Patton & Dave Lombardo sounds like a dream combination but I confess that I struggle with this one.  It's very schitzophrenic, even more so than Mike's Mr Bungle material. It swings from light film inspired soundtracks to a ludicrous speed of Slayer style thrash in short bursts making it tough to form any emotional tie to the music.
Fear Factory - Digimortal
MP3 - Roadrunner - 2001

I'm not  really a huge fan of Fear Factory but this seems a pretty compitent release is your into this kind of thing.
Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw And The Cooked
LP - London Records - 828-069-1 - 1988

Now here is a guilty pleasure.  Not a particuarly trendy band to be into but there is some good honest music in here & some fantastic tracks.
Fine Young Cannibals - The Finest
CD - London / Warner - 3987-28207-2 - 1999

Compilation or their best material
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
LP - WarnerK - 56344 - 1977 - Gatefold

One of the all time most popular albums that does live up to it's reputation.  If you don't own any Fleetwood Mac you would be surprised upon listening to this album just how many of the tunes you kniow.  A fantastic album throughout, with several turns of style as the artists take turns to present their own brand of Fleetwood Mac.
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk
LPx2 - WarnerK - 66088-S - 1979 - with lyric sheets

Following the enormous success of Rumours it was inevitable for the follow up to become a little laboured & self indulgent.  Still a great album but could of done with some shortening to keep your attention from lapsing.
Fleetwood Mac - Mirage
LP - WarnerK - 56952 - 1982

This is my least listened to Fleetwood Mac album & as such I don't remember much about it.  I really need to give this another go.
Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the Night
LP - Warner - WX65-825-471-1 - 1987

After a long break Tango In The Night is a great re-launch with an incredible production & higher grade of writing throughout.
Fleetwood Mac - Looking Back On..
MP3 - 1989

Now this is the other Fleetwood Mac, the band as it was before the girls moved in.  This is old school blues throughout & a surprisingly enjoyable listen despite the initial confusion for later generation Mac fans
Fleetwood Mac The Very Best OF
Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best OF
MP3 - 2002

The best of the better know form of Fleetwood Mac
Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters
CD - Roswell Records / RCA / BMG - 82876554962 - 1995

Ironically the first Foo Fighters album is the last one I got around to buying.
Foo Fighters - The Colour & The Shape
CD - RCA/Sony/BMG - 82876-55495-2 - 1997

A fantastic rock album that has positive energy thoughout.  One of their best.
Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing Left To Lose
MP3 - Roswell Records / RCA / BMG - 74321-71699-2 - 1999

More great rock from the former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl in the driving seat
Foo Fighters - The One
MP3 - Roswell Records / RCA / BMG - 74321-92182-2 - 2002

More great rock
Foo Fighters - One by One
CDR - Roswell Records / RCA / BMG - 82876-50523-2 - 2002

More great rock
In Your Honour Foo Fighters - In Your Honour
CDx2 - RCA / Sony / BMG - 82876-69623-2 - 2005

Kinda disappointed in this one. 2 very different CD's, neither of which float my boat.
Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
CDR - Roswell Records / RCA / BMG - 88697-15500-2 - 2007

Now this is an interesting twist for Foo Fighters.  With a heavier & edgier sound this is a great listen.
Front Line Assembly - Rewind
MP3 - Metropolis - 1998

Haven't listened too this much.  Couldn't get into it, not really my thing.
Front Line Assembly - Implode
MP3 - Metropolis - 1999

Haven't listened too this much.  Couldn't get into it, not really my thing.
Future Sound Of London, The - Papua New Guinea
CD - Jumpin' & Pumpin' / Passion - CDS-TOT-17 - 1992

The tune that gave FSOL there big break.  An enjoyable dance track that became a hit on the rave scene.
Future Sound Of London, The - Accelerator
CDR - Jumpin' & Pumpin' / Sony / BMV - CD-TOT-2R - 1992

A hugely enjoyable dance album that has stood up well over the years.  Still a great listen today.
Future Sound Of London, The - Lifeforms
CDRx2 - EBV / Virgin - CDV-2722 - 1994

Now this really is classic FSOL.  After FSOL's experiment in an ambient music, with the release of Tales Of Ephidrina under the alias of Amorphous Androgynous, they decided that they would abandon their dance routes altogether & brought their ambient music back under the FSOL moniker.  Lifeforms is a true great of the genre with a startlingly organic sound of electronic music.  Cruicially this doesn't ever repeat itself or linger too long on a single loop, makig it a hugely enjoyable listen,

One of my all time favourite albums 
Future Sound Of London, The - Cascade
CD - Astralwerks / Caroline - ASW-6175-2 - 1993

Cascade is a track from the awesome lifeforms album expanded into a lenghty EP.  Quite how they manged this without making it repetitive is beyond me.  This is another great listen for when you don't have the required 90 minutes for the full Lifeforms album
Future Sound Of London, The - Lifeforms (Paths)
CD - Astralwerks / Virgin - ASW-6114-2 - 1994

Another great spin off EP from the Lifeforms album
Future Sound Of London, The - I.S.D.N.
CD - Sony / Virgin  CDVX2755 - 1994

Beleive it or not this is actually a live album that was recorded during a broadcast over the ISDN telephone network (the precursor to ADSL Broadband)  This was a real breakthough in technology back in the day & the resuting album is so well performed you would assume it to be regular studio album.  A great listen.
Future Sound Of London, The - Dead Cities
CD - EBV / Virgin - CDVX2814 - 1996 - Ltd Edition With Outer Card Case & Book

This is a much crunchier sound than the earlier releases but still a fantastic album.  This limited edition came with a volumous book of digital art interspersed with portions of a suitably obscure short story.
Future Sound Of London, The - My Kingdom
12" - Virgin - 7243-8-93817-6-4 - 1996

A selection of remixes of the My Kingdom track from the Dead Cities album
Future Sound Of London, The - We Have Explosive
12" - Virgin - 7243-8-94137-6-2 - 1997

A selection of remixes of the We Have Explosive track from the Dead Cities album
Future Sound Of London, The - Papua New Guinea Translations
CD - Jumpin' & Pumpin' / Passion - CD-TOT-52 - 2001

A celebratory release with new mixes of the track that started it all.
Future Sound Of London, The - Environments
CD - Passion / Pinacl - eCD-TOT-59 - 2008

A fantastic series of albums that somewhat return to the earlier more organic sound of lifeforms.  My only complaint is the re-use of samples allready used in earlier releases, but once you get over this it is a sublime listen.
Future Sound Of London, The - Environments II
CD - Passion / Pinacle - CD-TOT-62 - 2008

A fantastic series of albums that somewhat return to the earlier more organic sound of lifeforms.
Future Sound Of London, The - Environments 3
CD - Passion / Pinacle - CD-TOT-64 - 2010

A fantastic series of albums that somewhat return to the earlier more organic sound of lifeforms.
FSOL - Environments 4
Future Sound Of London, The - Environments 4
CD - Passion / EBV - CD-TOT-66 - 2012

A fantastic series of albums that somewhat return to the earlier more organic sound of lifeforms.
Environment Five
Future Sound Of London, The - Environment Five
CD - MCPS - CDTOT68 - 2014

Some great new direction here, truly original without the reuse of ealier samples found in earlier Environments albums.
FSOL Archived Environmental
Future Sound Of London, The - Archived: Environmental Views
CD - MCPS - CDTOT72 - 2017

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