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Well I finally did it !!  My entire music collection on my website.

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Echobelly - Everyones Got One
CD - Fauve / Rhythm King / Pandemonium - FAUV3CD - Undated (1995)

Quirky indie britpop band led by a great female vocalist.  Was never my thing at the time but in retrospect I really enjoy listening to them.
Echobelly - On
CDR - Fauve / Polygram - FAUV-6-CD - 1995

Probably the strongest period of Echobellys career that spawned some great singles
Echobelly - Lustra
CD - Epic / Sony - 488967-2 - 1997

A slightly more polished production here & another great album
Echobelly - People Are Expensive
CD - 3MV / Vitql / Fauve - FRYUPCD003 - 2001 - Out Of Production

A tricky to find album due to Echobelly's manager doing a runner with their money
Eels - Beautiful Freak
CDR - Dreamworks - DRD50001 - 1996

This album is worth owning if only for the first track Novocaine.  The rest of the album is ok but a little too quirky for me.
Eels - Electro-Shock Blues
CDR - Dreamworks - DRD50052 - 1998

Really struggled to get into this one, with little to capture your attention.
Eels - Daisies of the Galaxy
CDR - 2000

Another obscure & tricky album.
Elastica - Elastica
CD - Deceptive Records - BLUFF-014CD - 1995

A seemingly storng female indie band with a rougher edge than most & some killer tracks
Elastica - The Menace
CD - Deceptive Records - BLUFF-075CD - 2000

Due to some self destructive behaviour it took some time for this album to materialise.  It's still a good album but due to such a long wait it kind of missed the boat for Britpop
EMF - Schubert Dip
LP - Parlophone - 79-6238-1 - 1991

I picked this up cheap simply to relive the Unbeleivable single from my teenage years.
Europe - The Final Countdown
MP3 - 1986

A supremely cheesy 80's rock band that made it big with the hit Final Countdown.
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
LP - RCAPL70014 - 1983

Eurythmics made some great tracks over the years with Sweet Dreams being one of the most remembered.  However I am dissappointed with how quickly I tire of their albums.  Best listened to in small doses.
Eurythmics - Be Yourself Tonight
LP - RCAPL70711 - 1985

More musc from the 80's synth pop due
Eurythmics - Savage
LP - RCAPL71555 - 1987 - With Poster

Another well produced album
Evanescence - Evanescence
MP3 - 2003

This bands major uniqueness is ultimately their achilles heel.  A great vocalist with a small range that inevitably becomes tedious once listened to a couple of times.  Another album best enjoyed in small doses.
Everything But The Girl - Worldwide
LP - WarnerBYN25 / 90316-75308-1 - 1991

Haven't really listened to this much.  A chilled out light rock duo if their is such a thing.
Everything But The Girl - Amplified Heart
CD - Blanco y Negro / Warner - 0630-10453-2 - 1994

More light rock
Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded
CD - Sony / Virgin - CDV2803 / 7243-8-41698-2-4 - 1996

Now this is a very different angle.  EBTG bring there music bang up to date by converting from their traditional light rock to an more upbeat electronic sound.  Some great tunes & production here.
Exodus - Impact is Imminent
CD - Capitol Records - CDEST2125 - 1990

One of the original bay area thrash bands, formed by Kirk Hammet prior to his defection to giants of the scene Metallica.  Some great songwriting let down by poor production & a less than great vocalist.
Exodus - Lessons in Violence
CD - Music For Nations - CDMFN138M - 1992

Some great music here despite the rough production.  Lessons in violence & Toxic Waltz are both killer tracks.

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Angeldust My Music Collection