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Chuckie Egg Downloads:

Welcome to the Chuckie Egg downloads page, below I have compiled a couple of downloads for you to enjoy.  The first download contains some original spectrum games that will require a spectrum emulator to run, while the second contains some game versions that you can enjoy via Windows.



Spectrum Emulator:

The first of these downloads requires a Spectrum Emulator to run.  I have tried a few different emulators with differing degree's of success & have found the following emulator to be the most successful.  You will need to adjust the settings to optimise the performance to your PC.  Please remember that what works best in a window will not necessarily work well in full screen, so much experimentation is required.  When up & running F4 will change to full screen & F3 will then un-pause the game.

If you encounter difficulty with the Spectrum emulator crashing while running a game, try changing the Emulators hardware mode to a different model ZX Spectrum.  I have found some Spectrum downloads to only work on some models of Spectrum.

         Click here to download the ZX32 Spectrum Emulator      


ZX Spectrum Game Downloads:

The Zip file below includes both the Chuckie Egg I and Chuckie Egg II games in the ZX Spectrum format.  Please note that you will require a ZX Spectrum Emulator to run these games


Click Here To Download Chuckie Egg I & II for the ZX Spectrum


PC Games Downloads:

This Zip file includes a recreation of the original Chuckie Egg arcade game & also a great updated fan-game by the name of Chuckie Egg - The New batch.  Both of these files will run happily in the windows environment.


Click Here To Download The Chuckie Egg PC Game Pack


If anyone knows of any other Chuckie Egg games or fan-games that I should include a download for then please let me know.



Angeldust The Games - Chuckie Egg - Chuckie Egg Downloads